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Savannah is everything you could ask for in a health coach - knowledgeable, compassionate, down-to-earth, and patient. I left each session with TONS of specific, practical ways to improve my health, well-being, and quality of life. Over three months I really noticed a difference in my energy, focus, and happiness. The biggest surprise was probably how much fun the whole process was. I really can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Russ, guitarist & educator

Savannah has been a wonderful resource for me whenever I face a health-related or emotional challenge. Her comforting, focused approach to personal issues such as stress, anxiety, and diet not only addresses the problem at hand, but provides guidance to help me tune into what my body needs. Her face serums are the best I have tried, and all of her products are beautifully packaged and make great gifts. I am grateful for the holistic, nurturing services Savannah has to offer.
— Lia, student

Meeting with Savannah and taking her advice helped get me through a very difficult period. Collaborating with Nourish Shakti provided some much-needed centering and balance in terms of my mental and physical health, and the things I learned alongside Savannah continue to prove beneficial.
— Chris, filmmaker

Always get such a phenomenally genuine and individual experience with Savannah. She truly wants you to find whatever it is you need to live your best daily life and just life in general. Love her - would highly recommend, even just to check out! You never know what personal gem you might find or realize you need for yourself.
— Camille, student

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