Sea Salt Spray - Hair Tonic no. 2

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Sea Salt Spray - Hair Tonic no. 2


After many years of deliberating on selling a salt spray for hair, I’m excited to finally include this in my shop offerings. I use this product every day for gentle, all-natural texture and volume. With the addition of nourishing rosemary hydrosol, this stylizing potion becomes a simple tonic treatment for the hair and scalp.

suggested use -

Mist liberally on wet or dry hair for voluminous texture.

  • rosemary stimulates circulation to the scalp, which can encourage thicker and more lustrous hair

  • aloe vera gently hydrates and nourishes the hair

  • salts provide a gentle hold and the perfect amount of texture for flat, thin, limp hair

ingredients: organic lavender hydrosol, water, epsom salt, organic aloe vera, sea salt, pink salt, organic essential oils of rosemary + bergamot

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