Morning Dew - herbal infused toner

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Morning Dew - herbal infused toner


This facial toning mist was formulated to be a balanced blend of astringent, cleansing, and healing. Witch hazel tones & tightens the pores, and has been a remedy for clear, vibrant skin for centuries. I infused it with my favorite skin-healing + beautifying herbs, to brighten, soothe, and heal the skin.

herbal stars:

  • lady’s mantle - a member of the rose family with astringent, toning properties; the dew from the leaves is believed to hold magical & healing properties and was used by alchemists

  • helichrysum - also known as immortelle, balancing for sensitive skin

  • calendula - soothes redness, inflammation, and promotes skin healing

  • floral hydrosols - alchemical ambrosia for the face

suggested uses:

  • spritz on face after cleansing and before moisturizing

  • use as the liquid to mix a clay facial mask for extra herbal action

  • use as a soap-free cleanser, or post-workout cleansing mist

  • combine with serum for a decadent hydrating experience

organic ingredients: witch hazel extract infused with rose, lavender, lady’s mantle, helichrysum, comfrey and calendula + rose, tulsi and lavender hydrosol

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