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Two months of private health coaching for under $15/week! 
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I had a thought the other night when I was relaxing in the Yoga pose Shavasana (switching it up, I usually do my best thinking in a bath!). You could call it an intuitive realization. An epiphany: 

We don’t start
taking care of our bodies, minds, and spirits
until something drastic happens
that immediately
and forcefully
our day-to-day lives.
And sometimes,
even when that drastic issue manifests
we STILL don’t
take our daily health care seriously.

Why do we wait? Well, our society tends to spend more time/focus/energy/dollars on DISEASE TREATMENT rather than HEALTH CARE. Which I'm not going to get into, but my point is that the foundation of our Western medical field is on treating existing conditions, not preventing them from happening in the first place. So it's no wonder that "us Westerners" have a hard time naturally caring for our bodies!

If we started
consciously + lovingly
taking our health into our own hands
--on a daily basis--
would we need to rely
on the drastic measures
and forceful, unnatural means
of Western allopathic medicine
to save our lives?
I am of the belief that we wouldn't.
Not only that, we'd feel SO much better day-to-day. 

An important note: I am not bashing the practice, importance, and necessity of Western medicine! It certainly has a special place in our society, is the reason for widespread access to information about our bodily structure and functions, and regularly turns dire situations into miracles.

But our modern Doctors have their hands and schedules and practices quite full with treating disease. And maybe it won't ever be their "job" anyway to offer preventative lifestyle strategies and support that is comprehensive, holistic, and uniquely customized to each individual. Either way, for now, they're already overextended. 

It's my hope that someday,
in a harmonious and holistic way,
we can extend the existing
"health care field"
to accept and include
healing modalities,
acknowledging and respecting
their strength and mutual importance. 

In the meantime, enter the era of the health coach.

Now bear with me here because this is going to sound a lot simpler than you'd expect. Thanks to the for-profit health/food industries, we're encouraged to believe that optimal health is not only complicated and inaccessible (in terms of know-how and resources), but expensive to top it off! But vibrant health is simple in principle. In fact, you probably already know the basics of what needs to happen to help you feel healthier. It's common wisdom that is so simple that we've forgotten or ignored or discredited it: 

  • eat more whole foods, fruits and veggies and home-cooked meals,
  • avoid junk food (artificial, sugary or ultra-processed food... hint: if it comes in a box),
  • drink water,
  • exercise,
  • get quality sleep,
  • and spend time relaxing with family and friends. 

Simple, right? I bet you know, or once knew, all of those things! Sure, there are some intricacies, specifics, and a boat-load of strategies to implement them, but those mostly exist because the vast amount of MIS-information out there that we have to wade through. A reminder again that the food industry is for profit. Meaning if they can cut corners to do it faster/cheaper/more/better, they'll do whatever they can to try to convince you that it's also better for you. That you need the latest fad book, diet, superfood, exercise equipment to feel better. That's pretty cynical, but really important to keep in mind as we're trained to be consumers. I'm going to leave it there because we're gonna focus on the positive. Deep breaths, everyone. 

So what's the hold-up? You know what you need to be doing. In fact, you have known for months, maybe even years! It sounds simple, but despite that "eating healthier" or "exercising more" thing you tried every New Year, you can't seem to actually maintain a healthy lifestyle. Or you have, but in a really mentally unhealthy way. NO SHAME here. Because of all of the above, it is SO hard for us to actually maintain our health goals.

That's where I come in. I am 100% committed to help you start implementing change that is sustainable for YOU--aka it fits your lifestyle, personality, schedule and goals SO harmoniously that it's a habit/action that you can, and actually DO, maintain.

An aside to quickly bust some myths:
tastes great,
feels great,
and comes from a place
of deep self-love and nurturing,
or suffering.
Aka it's delicious, fun, and luxurious.
{ And yes, YOU DESERVE all of those things. }

So, together we come up with strategies to implement + maintain habits that will help you actually achieve your unique health goals and needs. I also provide some serious accountability, meaning I make sure you follow through with what you say you want & need to be doing. And of course I share any relevant tools, tips, personal experience, wisdom, recipes, and materials to help you along the way! 

So, here's the juicy part:


$100 (total) for a 2 month program!

Which comes down to approx. $12.5/week.
Which is less than the cost of one average meal at a restaurant,
Or a few frappe-cappu-ccinos,
Or a couple beers at a bar,
Maybe one cocktail,
...a week!
you get the point }


  • ...because I want to EMPOWER you
  • ...because I want to help you discover that vibrant health is SIMPLE and accessible
  • ...because I want you to realize that every-day-health isn't only for preventing disease, but for becoming the most whole, glorious, vibrant, inspired versions of ourselves (aka: IT FEELS AMAZING), which in turn helps us help others and the planet and the Universe (aka: a super impactful ripple effect)

So, my fellow friends and humans, here are the details--


  • TWO months of private coaching with me (5 total sessions), consisting of:
    • an initial health history session (approx. 60 minutes)
    •  two additional bi-weekly sessions a month (one 60 minutes, one 30 minutes)
    •  two bi-weekly check-ins for keeping on track + motivated on the non-session weeks (this can be via email/text correspondence, or a brief call)
  • Session summaries delivered after each session via email, including your personalized action plan
  • Unlimited support from me for the duration of the program via text, email, message, or phone
  • All relevant materials (handouts, resource sheets, meal plans, etc.)
  • A customized herbal tea blend or other small health-related gift especially for YOU, shipped to your location (SORRY… international shipping isn’t possible)
  • And of course, my full support, dedication, encouragement, and commitment to YOUR unique health needs



    • An open mind + readiness to start implementing lifestyle change NOW (I’m not a magic pill… YOU do the work!)
    • Agreement to schedule all sessions during the initial session, ideally to take place at the same time on the same day, for simplicity and rhythmic consistency. Cancellations must take place more than 24 hours in advance, rescheduling is your responsibility
    • Pay up front via check or PayPal before the first session + no refunds (optional payment plan: 2 monthly installments of $50)


      • I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, compassionate, intelligent, holistically-minded woman who is ready to share the skills I’ve learned through my education, training, and personal experience.
      • This takes conscious effort. Usually in the form of lifestyle shifts that seem simple. BUT (before you give up on me): when you actually “do” the “work”, the change is LASTING and usually impacts you in more ways than you could even imagine. Think “Titanic-hitting-the-iceberg”, but in an awesome way!
    3. ULTIMATELY, NO ONE CAN “MAKE” YOU CHANGE BUT YOURSELF (aka: ultimately, you don’t need me or anyone else telling you what to do!)
      • I am a guide, support system, a mentor. I cannot do the work for you. Working with me does not guarantee your success, as that is entirely up to you!
      • Hold up, what?! This is actually maybe the most useful nugget of life-wisdom ever. I learned this as a musician, when I realized that (as much as our goal-oriented, logical, linear constructed culture likes to encourage and bait us) I would never reach a point with my playing that meant I had arrived, that I was finished with all the effort and learning. That it was over, that all my hard work had paid off in the form of a nice, tangible, shiny end product. Game over!
        It's like that cliche quote: Life is a journey, not a destination. (I think it's from Emerson). My point is that making a commitment to your health is a life-long thing. We're not machines; we're vibrant, conscious, glorious beings who are constantly aging and evolving over our lifetimes, not to mention the changes in our environment in which we live and mutually co-evolve and co-habitate. 
        This takes the pressure off being or becoming "perfect" and invites space for trial + error, playfulness, and most importantly: self-awareness.

    Ready to sign up? 

    Too busy until after the holidays?

    No problem! Sign up now while the offer stands & let me know on the form in the "Message" box when you can start in the New Year. A minimum deposit of $50 will be required to hold your spot.


    Email me at savannah@nourishakti.com with any specific questions or to set up a 10 minute phone call to decide if this program is right for you.

    Not-so-fine print

    For new clients only! Please also realize this is a limited offer and will be treated as first come, first-serve! 

    On sharing or gifting this program

    Please feel free to share this offer with any friends + family who come to you—I am looking to expand my practice + touch + learn from many!

    While this coaching package could be a wonderful gift for a loved one, it’s recommended to consult with the recipient before purchasing… (Change doesn’t happen unless you are ready/motivated!)