Philosophy + Approach

I teach & practice a holistic approach to health and wellness. My favorite way to define "holistic" is to use the metaphor which compares the approach of Western allopathic medicine (think hospitals, surgeries, pharmaceuticals) versus holism (whole-ism); the difference between a mechanic inspecting a car, looking at each working part as individual and separate, and a gardener noticing how the amount of sun, shade, heat, moisture, phases of the moon, and quality of soil all contribute equally to the overall health and harmony of the garden. While it's true that some plants have specific, individual needs, these macro- "nutrients" have a much greater influence on the health of all plants.

My approach to health is that of the gardener, taking note that imbalances in certain lifestyle habits such as sleep, relationships, movement, nature, and joy often play an equal or greater role in one's health than food!

Holistic Wellness Sessions

Initial Session

You're welcomed into a comfortable and supportive environment, offered a cup of herbal tea, invited to breathe, unwind, and release any tensions from the day, and then together we will have an in-depth conversation around your health--story, history, journey, and intentions & goals. 

I like to inquire deeply into habits and patterns around food, relationships, movement, sleep, and general day-to-day lifestyle. Expect to delve far beyond diet & exercise!

You will walk away from the consultation* with a holistic perspective of your current state of health and simple & sustainable food and lifestyle upgrades and actions that we come up with together.

90 minute initial consult : $75

*client testimonials below

Follow Up Sessions

60 minute follow-up consults : sliding scale $25 - $75

It's hard to cover an entire lifetime of habits, patterns, and aspirations in one visit! While you are welcome to schedule consults on a session-by-session basis, it is often beneficial to commit to a wellness program for consistent check-ins, accountability, questions, troubleshooting, and more. Please get in touch for more information.

Acute condition sessions

for existing/past clients only, usually via phone or email

For benign & temporary symptoms/conditions like colds, flues, stomach upsets, seasonal allergies, menstrual difficulties, etc.

20 minute phone session or email session : $20

please visit your trusted health practitioner for any serious symptoms or concerns

Savannah is amazing! She has extensive herbal knowledge and has helped me with everything from forming an herbal skincare routine to customizing an herbal defense when I’ve been sick including herbal syrups, teas and tinctures. Her approach to health coaching is gentle, but highly effective!
— Lauren, small business owner
Savannah has been a wonderful resource for me whenever I face a health-related or emotional challenge. Her comforting, focused approach to personal issues such as stress, anxiety, and diet not only addresses the problem at hand, but provides guidance to help me tune into what my body needs. Her face serums are the best I have tried, and all of her products are beautifully packaged and make great gifts. I am grateful for the holistic, nurturing services Savannah has to offer.
— Lia, student
Savannah is everything you could ask for in a health coach - knowledgeable, compassionate, down-to-earth, and patient. I left each session with TONS of specific, practical ways to improve my health, well-being, and quality of life. Over three months I really noticed a difference in my energy, focus, and happiness. The biggest surprise was probably how much fun the whole process was. I really can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Russ, professional musician
Meeting with Savannah and taking her advice helped get me through a very difficult period. Collaborating with Nourish Shakti provided some much-needed centering and balance in terms of my mental and physical health, and the things I learned alongside Savannah continue to prove beneficial.
— Chris, filmmaker
The other day I had a consult with Nourish Shakti regarding different herbs that can support me with my pregnancy loss recovery. She had me fill out an online intake that made me realize that I have much more to work on for myself & my family! It was such an informative tool & then session with her! She is so knowledgeable & kind with amazing energy! I came home with special tea blends made specifically for my needs & some resources! I can’t wait to start this new journey of improving my whole being with food/herbs & nutrients! Thank you so much Savannah!
— Lauren, yoga teacher