Individual Coaching Offerings

Initial Session

You're welcomed into a comfortable and supportive environment, offered a cup of herbal tea, invited to breathe, unwind, and release any tensions from the day, and then together we will have an in-depth conversation around your health--story, history, journey, and intentions & goals. 

I like to inquire deeply into habits and patterns around food, relationships, movement, sleep, and general day-to-day lifestyle. Expect to delve far beyond diet & exercise!

You will walk away from the consultation with a holistic perspective of your current state of health and simple & sustainable food and lifestyle upgrades and actions that we come up with together.

90 minute initial consult : $75
60 minute follow-up consults : sliding scale $25 - $50

It's hard to cover an entire lifetime of habits, patterns, and aspirations in one visit! While you are welcome to schedule consults on a session-by-session basis, it is often beneficial to commit to a wellness program for consistent check-ins, accountability, questions, troubleshooting, and more.

Acute -condition sessions

note: for existing/past clients only, usually via phone

For benign & temporary symptoms/conditions like colds, flues, stomach upsets, seasonal allergies, menstrual difficulties, etc.

20 minute session : $20

Please visit your trusted health practitioner for any serious symptoms or concerns.

3-Month Holistic Wellness Program

...more details coming soon!

If you are new to my practice, please feel free to get in touch and schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone call to ensure that you will resonate with my coaching style. I can be reached at