It's Time

It's been feeling like Spring in New England… Maybe this [faux?] change-of-season has inspired me, or maybe it's the dreams of babies (more later & NO mom, I'm not pregnant). Maybe it's the talk from an inspirational speaker I just watched, or maybe the Universe is just nudging me and saying "Hi Savannah… It's time." I just wrote the first song I've ever written in my life. It happened in a burst of frenzied inspiration, all just spilling out at once as portrayed in the overly romanticized stereotype of the creative process. (Don't worry fellow creators, I'm not counting on this method for the future, this creation was 100% a message… from: the universe; to: me). Title? "It's Time." Hello, serendipitous synchronicity. Hello, Universe… You have my attention! I'm listening.

I've been having the most vivid dreams. Dreams of babies and small children in need of love and attention. In my dream, a child appears and I immediately know that I need to nurture it and that I am the only one who can provide this. I wake up feeling confused. I thought these dreams were evolution/my biological clock/my hormones talking (or screaming, rather) PROCREATE FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF YOUR SPECIES!!! But alas, not so. While I was steeping in a hot & glorious bath (my best Zen thinking space), I realized that these recurring babies who needed love & attention & nurturing represent my dreams and aspirations and desires and passions that I have been ignoring.

Just as young green leaves start to burst above ground and the birds start to sing and the Earth starts to crawl with life, I feel this Spring of my life, I feel myself expanding into a new season (era?). There's peace in Spring, something so soothing and satisfying knowing that the bounty and beauty and joy of Summer is to come. There's also rain and mud in the Spring, and much work to be done for a bountiful Summer. Planting seeds, nurturing them, protecting them from unexpected frosts… Spring is a time of work and hope. Of dreams and action. In Spring, everything starts to awaken.

It's time to wake up in our own lives and feed the babies that are our deepest hopes and dreams. Here's to you and to me and to new beginnings, no matter the season/age/time.