Welcoming In Spring

There’s something in the air in Springtime, a smell, a thickness to the air, a warmth, an energy that’s hard to describe. 

In the spirit of Springtime, I'd like to share some practices to help cultivate mindfulness. Here some of are my favorite ways to welcome Spring in my body, food, mind, and spirit. 

pay attention

Simply take note of what's going on. Notice the weather & changes from the season and how it's making you feel. I feel inspired by the crocuses popping up from the earth. I feel energized when it's sunny. If someone starts talking about the weather with you, bring it to the next level. "Man, this sun is really helping my productivity & mood!" 

Let nature & the weather be a tool for cultivating awareness & mindfulness. 

Take a walk in the park, observe openly while you wait for the bus rather than burying yourself in your phone, layer up & drink your coffee outside, get off the train a stop early & walk... there are many ways to welcome more nature (and thus mindfulness) in our lives.



Imagine what a plant looks like when it's dehydrated. Wilted, dull, maybe yellowing. Now think of what happens when you just give it a little water: it stands up a little straighter, becomes green and vibrant once again. And that's just on the outside! We are the same. Drinking water is such a simple & free (for most of us--let's take a moment and be grateful that we can take safe water for granted) tool that is astoundingly effective! 

Feeling groggy in the afternoon? Drink a glass of water. Feeling overheated? Drink water. Are your muscles tense and sore? More water. 

Hydration is particularly important in the Spring as it assists our processes of elimination (aka aiding Spring-cleaning inside the body). 

eat green things

Green vegetables also help the process of internal Spring-cleaning. Greens are very cooling inside our bodies, which helps prepare us for the heat of the summer. 

In the Springtime, our bodies start to crave more raw, crunchy, bitter things. This is our digestion starting to wake up after the long Winter months of ultra-cooked soups, stews, casseroles, and other hot, mushy foods. 

Experiment with adding in more & more raw foods in the Springtime and notice how your body responds!

move the body

I think that we should make our New Year's Resolutions in the Springtime when our bodies are naturally gaining more energy & momentum with the energy of the season. 

As the weather starts to warm up, the sun frequents the skies more, and new life begins to emerge, why not take advantage of this contagious energy and move your body? 

Not only will this aid in Spring's natural process - detoxification - it will give you more energy, strength, and vitality. It took me a long time to realize that exercise doesn't have to be strenuous work. Find an exercise that you're drawn to be it Yoga, swimming, biking, running, or something as simple as walking. If time is a concern, here is a 7-minute workout that gets your heart pumping! 

don’t be crippled by the “shoulds”

I should do something aerobic, I should sweat, I should go to the gym... Remember that something small is always better than nothing! Personally, running makes me feel like I'm going to die (I'm only being slightly dramatic here...), but I could swim laps 'til the end of time! This is my body giving me very valuable information, and I've learned to listen to it. 

If you feel similarly about a certain kind of exercise, know that maybe someday you'll get to a point where it feels energizing & healthy. But for the time being, if that day is not today, "find what feels good" (a favorite slogan & daily mantra) and trust that your body knows best. 

embrace spring cleaning

There's a reason for our cultural phrase "Spring Cleaning." When I was growing up, I remember my parents opening up the windows in the Spring, airing out the house (bringing the air element into our homes, especially after stuffy, dry, cold Winter, can be very energizing), going through old dusty closets, donating clothes and furniture and items that were no longer serving us, and cleaning out the garage & cars. 

I'm sure you've experienced similar things. Let's embrace this oddly collective, intuitive societal cleaning energy. How many of you have noticed that whether or not you made your bed in the morning can effect your whole day? That when your tub is dirty, you don't feel clean when you bathe? That when your food is getting buried & lost in your fridge, you feel less inspired to cook (so you don't)? That when your house is untidy and messy and dusty, you can't be productive? 

There’s a reason that in Zen monasteries, monks start out by cleaning.

I totally believe that our physical living space is a representation of our mental living space. The next time you're doing your house chores, realize that you're also cleaning out the cobwebs of your mind. 

Don't be surprised to find yourself more energized, more clear-headed, and more productive once your space is clean. And if you find cleaning to be tedious and near-unbearable, throw on an inspiring Podcast, audiobook, or some groovin' tunes like this guy!

take stock

Spring is a great time to take stock, evaluate, and re-evaluate aspects of our lives, and begin to implement change.

A Journaling Exercise

Here are some journal prompts to help. For those of you who aren’t in tune with the glorious, insightful and free tool of journaling, take a leap of faith and try the following exercise. Journaling works best when you use a pen & paper, but if that is a turn-off, typing is certainly better than nothing!

Releasing Winter…

  1. What aspects of Winter am I sorry to see go?

  2. What aspect of Winter am I ready to say “au revoir” to?

Taking Stock

  1. Where in my life do I currently feel “stuck”? (hint: perhaps write about the first thing that came to mind)

  2. What’s the intention or goal I'd like to prioritize this season? (Can be work-related, personal, diet, lifestyle... anything! Again: usually the first thing that comes to mind is your answer!)

Embracing Spring

  1. How can I use the energy of Spring to solve the problem/goal above?

  2. What aspect[s] of Spring am I welcoming in with open arms, and really looking forward to?

 In the comments below, feel free to share your favorite way of welcoming Spring, simple ways you cultivate mindfulness, or something new you're going to try!